Fahrrad meets start-up Convention and Newsletter # 1

Last week I have been for one day in Berlin. Crazy shit. It feels like I am a giant CEO of an international acting company driving with CNL to Berlin for one day and back with CNL at the same day. Some parts feel real good for example to meet interesting people and to start connecting and telling the Carla Cargo story. Looking on the Carla Cargo accounts brings me fast back to reality. Still a lot of work to do getting my family surviving and still having enough money to keep on prototyping. My brain is full of cargo trailer and bike solutions. Hopefully the International Cargo Bike Festival will bring a lot of orderings so I am more flexible and maybe also able to rent a fabrication hangar. By the way I did write my first Newsletter from the Carla Cargo Project.

By the way, we did make the 2nd place in Berlin and have been choosen from more than 30 applies to startnext. Cant be the worst idea we have. But realy changing it isnt.


As you can see I am working on the Carla Cargo Trailer for the exibition and for a customer in Vienna. My garage is exploding by the size the trailer have. Last but not least I have a ordering in pipe with 30cm longer variant. I guess maybe not the longest trailer the world have seen, but for sure the highest load and comfortable at all including all that nice bike parts.

I realy need more space ;-)

cheers mabe



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Finished and shipped Carla Cargo 3N

Finished this project. Yeah it realy makes fun to weld. Its even crazy when you know that I started welding just one year ago. So makers outside. Just try. It is never to late. Hopefully not long and I will switch from MIG to WIG welding. This makes really more sence and keeps all the workshop much more clean and saves on long term time. The only problem is I need money to buy me one ;-)


Anyway this is a great trailer even without engine. But one I figure out more and more is that I will not offer low budget versions in future. This fits not together if you decide to realy have a daily mammut transportation system.

Go Carla Go. Hydraulic disc brakes, sanded, pulverized, mud guards, standing braking system, rework of the the overrun brake system…

Lets change urban transportation system.





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Joboffer Carla Cargo – get a long john cargo bike

Howdy. We still have no money in background but well it is never to late to make a job offer ;-)

The team from Carla Cargo is looking for a designer to help us boosting our startup project with incredible designs. We especially need a fresh and awesome logo, but you can also send us your design ideas for our bike trailers and cargo bikes. Depending to your participation and whether your work will be used we offer a variety of rewards, such as a fully equipped cargo bike with electrical engine support.
Apply with your design ideas not later than 31th March to our mail carlacargo@gmail.com!
Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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Startup my business…

Today officially my business starts. Wow. It was a hard work to do the business plan beside all the family stuff. I hope that I get accepted and get de funding from the employment agency. I was thinking of calling it morethanfunctional engineering but that I get out very fast that is real long and makes a lot of problems If you want to spell it some german. I think carla engineering is the better way. It is definitly a dubious feeling what the future brings. But well also it feels real good to make own decisions and be independent.

Lets see…

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Wallet Change with Augenmaß

Sometimes everything starts with a workaround. So I was looking for a wallet that fits to my personality and yeah there was just this metal box and I started with this workaround to use is it as a wallet. Well I think I did use the box now for almost 3 years ;-)

I was all the time looking for a wallet which fits to my personality and also is practical in use. So finally I found a handmade wallet made from old bicycle tubes from designer Augenmaß. Thanks very much I realy falled in love with my new wallet.

I started thinking of changing my shoes too.


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Creating a city interacting cooperative for sharing cargo bikes, trailers and freakbikes.

I made a short video in preparation to the make sense hold up I can hopefully join at the Grünhof Freiburg at the 03. 02. 15 at 18:30. For me its realy challenging to find the right words within 3 minutes. Crazy stuff. I hope some people can enjoy and follow a bit what I am telling.

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sawing table for more precised metal sawing

Its one think to cut one piece of steel precise. Its another think to cut the same length more than one time. Cause it realy speeds you up in cutting and make your work much more professional everybody who is doing something in steel should have such a table. Its foldable and takes not much space and with the end stop it realy makes the different in creating steeltubes from the same length. Enjoy sawing. ;-)

full album

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Carlong “Powline” – a cargo bike concept from Carla Cargo for sharing

Such a pitty that the mission of this bike is to be shared cause it realy drives so great. I would be realy happy to own one. Well when I have time and some money earned one day I will built me a new bike but of course with engine support. So up to that point the old bike must still make some kilometers.

Generally I am realy proud to present you the beta prototyp of the Carla Cargo Carlong Long John Bike. Its steel made and uses recyceld frame parts. The frame is around 15kg light and cause of steel real robust and stable. The frame was built with the focus of creating a real Sharing Long John Bike Concept. A lot of features I could not follow up cause I went out of money. The bike from now hopefully will help me to go on that step.

Regards and happy new year.

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Table Saw Ikea Hack


That was a real fast and amazing hack. I wanted to create me a easy to use table saw and was finally locking for a box which reduce the noise of the saw. I did take a Ikea Samla Box 24l. I did long times the saw not use because it is so annyoing noisy. With the box I could minimize the loudness of the saw so much that you do not need ear plugs anymore. And by the way it brought so many cool features with it that I have to post some pictures here. The box collectes the sawdust. Cause it is transparent you can see when the box is full and from time to time you have to unscrew the box and make it empty. Originally I wanted to mount the wood with clamps to the table but with the box I can just put it on the table for small pieces. It saved me real 50 EUR I guess and brought the moreless not used saw into working conditions back.


First think – No first aid!


description and comments on ikeahackers

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