Carla Cargo Heavy Load Testride with 170kg

This was a real crazy testing. Seems to work. Messengers in the world imagine the new volume capazity you can handle. I hope the people will see this to cause this is a real new market. I could drive with 20km/h easy. I guess the same load on flat street is on 10km/h maximum. The controller was not even on limit. I did drive with 70% of maximum speed. Even it feels real secured to brake. Your braking way doubles I would say. It is working realy well and you get a feeling how to handle the longer braking way.

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International Cargo Bike Festival 2015 Flashback

What a trip. And it is still crazy and I do all time find new thinks which inspire me and my following work for carla cargo. First of all it was a little bit of a magic. I am travelling around 700km to get in contact with the who is who in cargo bike business and my voice said no. Sowhere between Frankfurt and Dortmund I did get lost from here. ;-) Maybe it was of this old and noisy car screaming to dirk all time telling him what great people I wanna meet. This trip now definityl motivated me to sell the Fu**ing caravan and invest in an electrified long john…


But well lets come back to this great festival. The trip was definitly good to do because I just recognize what it brought to us by reflecting all the things I have seen and also have heared. Its absolutly awesome how much technology is inside of cargo bikes and what you could see there on the exhibition. Cargo Bikes in general are nothing new. There have been real great cargo bikes in the mid of last century and earlier. It was realy astonishing cause it was even hard to find cargo bikes without engine. The most where well equipped even with powerfull mid-engines. I believe that the combine of this new electric engine technologies and the fact that we run into a lot of cargo problems in urban areas will give the cargo bikes and trailers a lot of work in future.


What I was also a bit confused was the fact that there have been I would say over 70% Long John Bikes and I did have generally the feeling that a lot of cargo bikes there are designed also with some attitude to create a life-style product. This is definitly not bad and I realy must say. Yes with such a Butchers and Bicycle Bike I would definitly keep the car beside. The only problem is that the caravan is still cheaper than that bike ;-) That does not meen that you guys have to make the bike cheaper. It is all the money worth. Great construction work.


So I missed generally real cargo solutions. The volume and kilograms on a long john bike is on a limit. Even if urban arrow is trying realy to get out a maximum on volume.


So there have been realy less high volume and high load solutions. I was definitly faszinated by the velove 6 wheel bike concept. Awesome that future bikes are still possible. So that keeps me motivated that in future there still will be a lot of place for new bike concepts.


And look at this 3 wheel incredible engine supported dragster from Breet&vanCorven. I would love to see that monster carrying 350kg as they predict it can handl.


So I am getting out of this festival definitly motivated for the future of carla cargo cause we have some features which the most dont have. We have a real simple concept with less maintenance work and a very good price per kg or price per volume. I think these are the main key points for cargo bikes and trailers to get the future transportation problems solved better than cars.

I did write a lot of times what I missed. That does definitly not include that I did not like the festival. It was realy great and well organised. Hopefully next year I will find time for the conference too. But yeah I still missed something. More women in cargo bike business and where the hell was Nico Jungel with the great 8rad. I wanted to get a lift on that monster.


We got out with a lot of work for us to follow up. We definitly focus on the engine part and I am sure if we as Carla Cargo contribute next year on the festival again everything will work well these times including my voice.

cheers to all of you gonna kind of crazy cargo bikers



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exhibitions run me crazy

It is deffinitly clear that making stuff ready for exhibitions without even having the complete solution of a product is somehow crazy. The magic on such deadlines I somehow love is that when you have managed everything right it starts to work by itself. Most of the times hopefully. Up to yesterday noon it was really not clear of the electric support will function for the exhibition. With the great support from Erich from Gießen it is me a real peassure to say YES it is working somehow. It is sill not in the product conditions but look what we have managed to work out in the last two weeks even with having the hardware on 2 different places and getting the final trailer just last week. We have now the following features included:

  • complete arduino controlled  with the possiblity of creating ramps
  • soft start without any sparks on turn on
  • self powered arduino
  • new 48V LiFePo battery which realy now pushes (any) load up to 25 km/h thats the craziest driving feeling you did ever have

The electric board look like a real hacked version now and we will soon start to make a eagle layout and ready printed SMD board for prototyping. To speed up the development process we will publish the code and as I sad bring a version number one of the board soon. Maybe it is a good idea start a treat in the pedelec-forum?


Future Ideas we will work on:

  • more detailed sensor signal on the overrun brake status
  • microSD DATA Logging of Current, Voltage, Kilometers…
  • acceleration sensor for an hill down/up controlling

The only problem on that is we need time, money and finally a small chance of a permit.

Tomorrow we drive to Netherlands for the International Cargo Bike Festival where I hope will make a lot of new business contacts and even sell some more trailers.

cheers mabe



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summer…and the livin is easy

Those days I did built a lot. The most of time being in the garage on that great summer weather and building carla cargo to get ready for the exhibitions. Today I have recognized that carla realy needs an engine cause otherwise it is realy tough to drive. Such pitty, I thought there is a way to handle between without engine support directly on the startup. That means to realy hurry up even on the controller part of Carla Cargo.


Beside this working on garage I did made me some business cards and a flyer. That was realy in the last moment. When everything wents well I get the stuff on Friday where we also wanna go to Gießen to pick up Erich which is joining us for the International Cargo Bike Festival.

The last days the weather was real great and I rely enjoyed all time I did spent with my family and seeing the summer getting ready.

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Everything is getting so great green. jammi yammi.


barefoot time. summer time.


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well working welded bike stand

Very fast and easy action. I guess it will save me a lot of time in future repairing all those bikes I found on the streets. I realy makes fun now and keeps me going very fast.


17087651895_96a89243fe_z 16467489593_09ef11cdf5_z 17061691776_19f2be211d_z 16880260817_cef1f57264_z 16467486443_f532770bf9_z

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you have to pay taxes when you get a sales tax number…


Today was a real great day and a lot of cool things happend. First I did bring the final frame for the excibition to the sander and pulverizer. And wuhu the frame will get fire brigade red. Next week on Friday I can get back the frame. A lot of space time I will use for preparing the motor control and maybe start building benny box.

Last week I did finally get the wheels we have orderd. They are made to be strong and they are awaiting your cargo stuff to carry.

Additional I got my sales tax number which makes me more and more ready for international market. That is really a good feeling on the one hand. The only bad on that is that I have to pay sales tax in future when my outcome increase. At the moment all the money I earn somehow I directly invest again. It is unbelievable I did allready spent around 800 EUROS for bikeparts and also bike repair equipment in the first month. But well. Look on those wheels. They make me really happy.

See you soon with an update in my startup story.

cheers mabe


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Fahrrad meets start-up Convention and Newsletter # 1

Last week I have been for one day in Berlin. Crazy shit. It feels like I am a giant CEO of an international acting company driving with CNL to Berlin for one day and back with CNL at the same day. Some parts feel real good for example to meet interesting people and to start connecting and telling the Carla Cargo story. Looking on the Carla Cargo accounts brings me fast back to reality. Still a lot of work to do getting my family surviving and still having enough money to keep on prototyping. My brain is full of cargo trailer and bike solutions. Hopefully the International Cargo Bike Festival will bring a lot of orderings so I am more flexible and maybe also able to rent a fabrication hangar. By the way I did write my first Newsletter from the Carla Cargo Project.

I forgot to mention, we did make the 2nd place in Berlin and have been choosen from more than 30 applies to startnext. Cant be the worst idea we have. But realy changing it isnt being the second.


As you can see I am working on the Carla Cargo Trailer for the exibition and for a customer in Vienna. My garage is exploding by the size the trailer have. Last but not least I have a ordering in pipe with 30cm longer variant. I guess maybe not the longest trailer the world have seen, but for sure the highest load and comfortable at all including all that nice bike parts.

I really need more space ;-)

cheers mabe



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Finished and shipped Carla Cargo 3N

Finished this project. Yeah it realy makes fun to weld. Its even crazy when you know that I started welding just one year ago. So makers outside. Just try. It is never to late. Hopefully not long and I will switch from MIG to WIG welding. This makes really more sence and keeps all the workshop much more clean and saves on long term time. The only problem is I need money to buy me one ;-)


Anyway this is a great trailer even without engine. But one I figure out more and more is that I will not offer low budget versions in future. This fits not together if you decide to realy have a daily mammut transportation system.

Go Carla Go. Hydraulic disc brakes, sanded, pulverized, mud guards, standing braking system, rework of the the overrun brake system…

Lets change urban transportation system.





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Joboffer Carla Cargo – get a long john cargo bike

Howdy. We still have no money in background but well it is never to late to make a job offer ;-)

The team from Carla Cargo is looking for a designer to help us boosting our startup project with incredible designs. We especially need a fresh and awesome logo, but you can also send us your design ideas for our bike trailers and cargo bikes. Depending to your participation and whether your work will be used we offer a variety of rewards, such as a fully equipped cargo bike with electrical engine support.
Apply with your design ideas not later than 31th March to our mail!
Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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Startup my business…

Today officially my business starts. Wow. It was a hard work to do the business plan beside all the family stuff. I hope that I get accepted and get de funding from the employment agency. I was thinking of calling it morethanfunctional engineering but that I get out very fast that is real long and makes a lot of problems If you want to spell it some german. I think carla engineering is the better way. It is definitly a dubious feeling what the future brings. But well also it feels real good to make own decisions and be independent.

Lets see…

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