Chicken run of Gerda, Frida and Brunhilde


Since 3 weeks moreless a dream did come true. Lets welcome to our garden Gerda, Frida and Brunhilde (from left to right). It is awesome cause we really get out around 10 eggs per week and have no need anymore to go for shopping for eggs.


We pickt them up from a farmer around the corner for 2 EUR per piece. They are not looking the best but I guess soon they will have a new feathering. They are one year old and will not produce the outcome of eggs they need. So they get a brave new live at our home and I think we will deal with the outcome of eggs they will make.


I was on the end really surprised how simple and easy it was to build them a nice chicken home. I just publish some pictures of the building process where I invested some bucks in some wood but generally toked the stuff which was laying around. You can do the job on one day having all materials there. My future plan is to make the door opening mechanism controlled by an raspberry pi with a webcam and a little beatbox to bring the chicken in the right mode for producing a lot of eggs for us.

For the kids it is really great experience. Its a nice job for all of us looking if there are new eggs. And well I think there was a time any not used land in a garden was used to have chickens cause it is so simple and of course one of the easiest ways to get eggs in good and fresh quality.






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Boosting Carla Cargo with Econauten Programm for half a year

Well somehow me and my team we managed it to get the first place at the Grünhof Freiburg Econauten competition. Sometimes I am not really sure if it was because we do have such a great idea or if we are all typical engineers without having a plan how to make money.


Overall going into competition to the other teams is real hard. Compared to the Elevator Pitch from last autumn this time every idea was great and should get the chance to make more out of their vision. I am sure from the other teams in future we will see and hear soon more too.

So what brings the first place. Generally I think this was a really need to go further on the Carla Cargo idea. Its some timewin of half a year for sure but of course the questions are still the same. Brings Carla Cargo enough income to pay minimum one person and even more? How much orderings we can generate per month? What permits we have to fullfill to be a bicycle trailer? Which color we wanna paint all those great trailers?

I wanna also give a look to all those competitions where we did not win something. I think a lot of persons from university are using EXIST funding what is from my point of view real overpayed. The money you get per person there is really much. Well I am to long away from university and can’t get a EXIST programm. Do they think great invetions are just coming from university nerds?

We tried to get a climateKIC programm what is also real cool and really gets you independent for a long time to have time for development. I guess those guys did not like the open source idea and they did tell me on the telephone: “Your idea is to less technology oriented”. Well the focus on climateKIC is to find great solutions for CO² reduction. Can you imagine how many cars are still driving espacially in case of transportation? I am sure just some percent of alternative transportation in future with solutions like carla cargo or other cargo bikes will have the power to bring a real benefit for our climate.

I also tried to get some Innovationsgutscheine which the guys at Elevator Pitch did recommended me. Well for one coupon I am still waiting since more than 3 or 4 month. One other coupon they said it is nothing new and I guess I did a mistake allready having produced the trailer and having even pictures from that. I ask myself what was the first time there. The egg or the chicken. Invent to much and you get no funding. Invent to less and you have nothing to tell about.

You really have to learn to deal with defeats as you can see. It is not like in school that good work gets good funding. I actually write one to two applications per month cause I still think the best time to get financial support is when your are in startup mode.



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They have a loss of image problem and LastenVelo Freiburg launch

Again Berlin. Again a crazy 34h hours trip to Berlin and back with CNL. I am getting to love it because it is efficient and I could spent a whole day in our capital to chat with a lot of interesting people.


I was invited to come to the 4th European KEP together (Kurier-Express-Paket-Dienst) Exhibition where a lot of KEP companies did come together and discuss future development of their sector. I was really surprised that the topic of the first talks discussed the image loss of the KEP companies they have in our society.


Even in KEP Magazins there was the overall topic of how to get more green cargo solutions. Amazing! I simply made a fast information stand of Carla Cargo and could get really intersting talks and a lot of business cards. I can understand on the other hand the KEP companies quite well that it is not easy to get green not only because I did have the chance in the early morning to see how they manage to sort and deliver the packages (from one of the big player ;-)) but also because the package transport itself dramatically increases from year to year. They have to do a crazy job to deliver the packages within 24h or even same day delivery what is getting more and more popular.

I still believe in the power of Carla Cargo and hope that the talks I did have was not just air. I am still sure that with Carla Cargo you get a green, fast and efficient way of package delivery in the last mile. So my magnificent KEP companies, your job to do is just simple. Get ready and buy a Carla Cargo trailer.

Overall I more and more have the feeling of doing something what is not pushed only by my engineering skills and creativity but also by a new bike and people movement which asks more and more who owns the city. Worldwide are coming more and more new Ideas of how we can make the cities more comfortible for the people which are living in there. Bring solutions how we can avoid of getting more and more traffic. A great and astonishing idea like that was launch today by LastenVelo Freiburg.


This is again a sattelite of the cargo bike sharing concept from WieLebenWir. The 3 guys did something real incredible in the short time they did have. They allready did manage it to get all Cargo Bikes full with advertisment. They allready have a Corporate Identity I can clearly figure out not only on the new homepage but also at the coloring of their cargo bikes. They have all 5 cargo bikes ready to go.

18798109550_077c92af82_z 18988803451_0e236d44e8_z

What I was surprised the most and what I think from concept and from the technology will give not only this cargo sharing concept a boost. No I think it have the power to enable much more possibilities for all the other sattelites. I think the most tricky part in all cargo sharing concepts is the question how to get. Well you can wait still some years for the lock8 solution or you make it that simple like the guys did. The Lock is in the box. The Box is closed electronical. You simply can open it by a RFID Chip which is absolutly common in the Car Sharing companies. The only thing in future they have to do is: Buy more Cargo Bikes and Cargo Bike Solutions so that you have the possibility to get a cargo bike within 1km of distance.


Cause the guys made this incredible job I will now close my motivation for creating any sharing concept. They made a well done job. The only thing I did miss a little bit is why they did not give a personal name like all the other satellites did like Kasimir, Daniel or Ulf. I still have a name: CARLA. After such a great corporate identity action I dont think this will be realistic, but who know. I have redirected the domain to LastenVelo Freiburg. Maybe one day 😉





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Carla Cargo Maxi and a great weekend with friends


Yesterday I did deliver the 4th Carla Cargo trailer. That was a really nice job, not only because I did it for some engineer friends in Bötzingen (15km away) but also because it is a 20cm longer modell (180cm long). The guys wanna use it for there both companies to transport dried fruits ( and photovoltaic moduls ( Yes, photovoltaic moduls. When I did hear the idea of that the first time I was faszinated. There are fields where it is even possible and meaningful to carry the photovoltaic moduls with bike for small local installations around Bötzingen.


Be the first in the world which gets a photovoltaic installation delivered by bicycle. They have garanteed me to give the first order and delivery by bike a discount. Engine Support and Benny Box are on the way to be ready for a fast, professional and save transport.

Great idea. Great guys. I wish the very best and success for their companies.

I am still confident that the Product Carla Cargo is on a good way (flickr album). A lot of small details I have changed. So we use now stronger bmx forks, semi indigrated bearings, biggest stem you can make, big apple wheels with 5bar, 180mm disc brakes.

In background there is also a lot of move in designing, finding facilities, getting a praktikant for docu and getting the eagle design for the PCB on its way. The only problem is the lack of money on the account. I would say I did completly underrated how much money is neede to keep carla cargo in flow. All money I earn I just spent into producing of new laser parts, bikeparts, products I get from metal working companies, traveling, creating infrastructure, consumables.
Tomorrow is the deadline from Startinsland and Econauten. I will upload the stuff tonight. Hopefully Carla Cargo have a chance to win something. Would be a great support which comes really right in the moment it is needed 😉
And some cool experiment on the end. Yes it is possible to put a kid and a baby on a long john. It was real easy and not that difficult and my sons did like it really much.
See you on the streets.
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lenovo t400 workmachine

This Tuesday I have been at unternehmenslust where I was trying to present the Carla Cargo Projekt for people which are looking for an internship. Hopefully we will find somebody. I could really good imagine somebody doing exclusively the documentation part as open source hardware.

Parallel I did order 2 lenovo thinkpad t400 with dual core 2,5GHhz for me and for Erich. I guess we will travel much soon and need to get prepaired for that. I did freshly installed a linux lubuntu version which runs stable and great. All crypted and installed just the needs. This laptop even when it is old really keeps the potential as beeing a real work station. It was produced between 2008 and 2010 and you could get it for around 1300 EUR starting price. I did get it used for around 130 EUR for one. Crazy or not to get it 1000EUR less from the starting price and is still working great if you not care taking an stable and not “bling bling” operating system.


So it fullfill everything I need. The only question I ask myself is why I should ever need a new laptop?

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simple bamboo greenhouse

17583954172_4503cffbd2_zBeeing an Entrepreneur can be really frustrating. You have no money, it takes time to get ready, no holiday, it is tons of work to do, you recognize that it is long time ago you did meet your friends or did go climbing, your family cant hear your project again…


I am a very enthusiastic person. When I wanna reach somthing I really have this dream in mind and get this closed look which is not open for other stuff. In former times I used to go climbing to get grounded and get back to reality. Actually this is a real adventure with family to do so. Therefore I really falled in love doing gardening work. Nothing else is so easy to access from your home and giving you direct feeling of doing something really meaningful. After work it is the best work out for and really grounds my soul again. Well, most of time I focus also on building stuff which are usefull for the garden. My wife is doing the great planting work.


So I did create here a simple tomato greenhouse. I did use simple bamboo and did order such a great greenhouse foil which you can get easy trough ebay. Just watch the pictures. Hopefully this year we will have some more tomatos than last. More garden stuff will follow.

17398566758_1cf4f99e15_z 17586350855_4930000400_z 16963795804_be0d5dd1d4_z 17398451268_0d05dbde73_z

now I am awaiting for the red ladies…

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Carlathon was a full success!

What a session. Erich did finally mismatch just some values and than it did work. Great job! Now the engine control is working via an arduino leonardo with interrupts programmed and a much better controlling than the simple stuff we did before. I did never believe that this is possible from software side but now the engine speeds up to the speed the driver is driving and slowes down when you slow down. It is still a lot of work to do but this really pushes and motivates us. The jobs we now have to do is real clear for both of us. More design and mechanical construction in the overrun brake mechanism and start of an eagle layout as soon as possible to make the controller part strong for the rough environment. We are psyched and well, need time and money as usual. We wanna make a carlathon power week again in 4 weeks maybe.

And look at these tires. We change definitly back to the bike wheels. They are looking to sexy 😉


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tidy tidy tidy and getting tired from tidy

I cant say how much times I did move stuff from A to B and from B to C to finally move it again to A but in another arrangement. During all my work I did up to now I made the experience tidy up the workspace and bringing everything in the arrangement you want really can waste your time. You all know those youtube guys having these real cleaned up workspaces. All I get in mind most of the time is that they take more time in tidy it up than in making something. But as I said not tidying up definitly can waste time too. So finding a balance sometimes is real hard.


Anyway at noon Erich is coming and we wanna make a Carlathon Week with an electric focus developing a base PCB Layout for the Electronics. Therefore I did clean up the cellar to have good working conditions. I think there is even no way around that. I have to reanimate the PCB CNC Mill so we can really go on finding fast a PCB base layout. Also I did move the complete construction equipment down to cellar. I hope this makes the work more focused. Construction when 2 childs are screaming is definitly a challenge.


End of the week we will also participate at the Black Forest Venture event in Freiburg. I really go there with no expectations. I thought it is better to start proceedings than never trying it.

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